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Welcome to NutsAboutCancer.com

Welcome to Nuts About Cancer...a web page dedicated to helping others get over the stigma of having Testicular Cancer and the shame of saying the word TESTICLES! Having battled TC over 15 years ago, it has been my mission to show those who think that CANCER is an automatic death sentence that it does not have to be! If you check yer nuts early and often, you too can lead a normal life for the rest of your life! Over the years I have raised tens of thousands of dollars and have shared MY story with hundreds of thousands of people who have taken the time to visit my site, hear me speak or read my Tweets about Testicular Cancer. I hope that you are not only inspired to share this site but also share the information on NutsAboutCancer.com. It has been provided to help you detect early signs of testicular cancer, live a more healthy life, and appreciate the simple joy of being healthy.

I fight cancer because I can. I do my best to GET THE WORD OUT that it's OK to SAY the words NUT CANCER and to TALK ABOUT CHECKING THEM! I do this for those who do not have the strength and for those who no longer have that opportunity. This is my obligation after graduating Cancer University!

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Answer: Tri The World: Swimming 30km, cycling 1440km and running 337km during SIXTEEN Half-Ironman Triathlons in 2008 around the world covering 11 countries on 4 continents in just less than 8 months!!!
Question: What was Brian and Heatherís adventure in 2008 called while trying to raise awareness and funds to fight Testicular Cancer?

Answer: Everyman Marathon Grand Slam: Running the World Major marathons (London, Boston, Berlin, Chicago and New York marathons) all in the same year. London and Boston were scheduled on back-to-back days. Brian was the 3rd man and Heather the 1st woman ever to have accomplished this feat!!!
Question: In 2011, what did Brian and Heather set out on to prove truly how NUTS they really are?

QUESTION: How far and high would you ride your bike up into the European Alps to increase the worldís awareness of Testicular Cancer?

ANSWER...how about ONE TWEET at a time?!

@NutsAboutCancer is looking for followers!!! NO, you donít need to hop on your bike and ride...we will do THAT! All YOU need to do is FOLLOW @NutsAboutCancer on TWITTER! Thatís right, for every follower NUTS gets Brian (and Heather) will climb 10ft of elevation over some of the toughest famed climbs of the Tour De France. Col de la Madeleine, Galibier, Val díIsere, Telegraphe and the famed Alp díHuez to name but a few of the climbs.


So to paint a picture...120 followers= 1200 ft of elevation. Thatís the same height as the Empire State Building! We want to see THOUSANDS of followers to make this a REAL challenge and to show those that have Nut Cancer that anything is truly possible post cancer AND CLEAN!

So, FOLLOW us ....look for the TWITTER BUTTON on this page, click it, follow us and then RT our mission to everyone you know! We need your help to make this as tough a mission as we have ever had! Go hard or go home.
We are calling this one "Climbs4Cancer" and our goal is to change the way we think of Testicular Cancer, one nut at a time.